Friday Photo Mystery

Before the Storm

I actually do not expect people to know where it is, but this is the only photo I had for sharing and since probably no one will know where it is, a good candidate for Friday.

We were doing very light hiking up the slope from that ski resort when wind suddenly picked up and those huge black clouds started to roll in. We decided to turn around and head back down. But first I took couple shots. For memories.

Click me!

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25 Responses to Friday Photo Mystery

  1. rutheh says:

    A stunning landscape with a lot of feeling.

  2. Madoqua says:

    I have no idea where this is, but I love the dark atmosphere. Beautiful photo!

  3. gardenerat60 says:

    Feels like I am standing there! Stunning.

  4. french alps off ski season?

  5. This one is tough! Zermatt with no Matterhorn! 🙂 The atmosphere is gorgeous! Brilliant photo!

  6. NikkiAnne says:

    What wonderful clouds! This reminds me of Crystal Mt. in Washington state, although I’ve never seen it without snow.
    It’s the only place I’ve skied in the NW where you could step outside your room door, snap on your boards, and ski to
    the bottom of a lift not too far away.

  7. Definitely looks like rain (or snow) coming. Nice shot.

  8. I don’t kow where it is but its a beautiful shot.

  9. Beautiful photo! I’m going to take a guess and say Austria!

  10. Ashok Mani says:

    very nice shot.. luv the clouds..

  11. neyska says:

    Gorgeous image. Nice work!

  12. jingerventures says:

    Is this Whistler, BC? It looks like it could be the village below. Beautiful shot!

  13. mhdriver says:

    Boomer I thought it was Palm Springs. Great photo

  14. 12thsonoflama says:

    Not in North America? Was going to guess the Jackson Hole area. Dang must be new Zealand. I’ve never been but maybe that guess will be BROAD enough to get me the consolation prize.

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  16. Dmitrii says:

    Thanks for stopping by everyone and even trying to figure out where this photo was taken at. As I thought, with a few hundred people visiting my blog more likely no one will know where it is.

    The ski resort is called Chimbulak. It is about 15 km south from the Almaty Kazakhstan. Not the most visited place by tourists I must say. Now you seen it the way I saw it.

  17. fotograffer says:

    Lovely landscape, perfectly processed.

  18. I was going to tell Scotland but I guess its south Africa.

  19. thanospsichalas says:

    ahh, beautiful Kazakhstan!

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