Natasha Resting

Yachts resting in Boston harbor. They cover them in plastic for the entire winter to rest, not sure when they do this, my guess sometime in October-November time frame and probably open them up sometime in April-May. The big one is named “Natasha”, I imagine that it is named by some Boston based Russian super rich after his mistress, or something like that. In reality it is probably much more mundane. Anyway, this was taken in early January about hour or so before sunset. It snowed a few hours before and I believe it snowed a bit after this, but we had a few hours of clearing with clouds moving and sun nicely lighting them up.

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Peaceful Time, Not a Hint of Snow

So we have super duper winter storm here at the moment. I can see from my high rise window blowing snow and traffic on highway standing still. Not a good time to be outside. I was thinking to put some of my winter pictures as today’s post but then this ugliness started. So I changed my mind. I want to see something warm and peaceful, something with water too. So thankfully I had one of those already processed and ready for sharing.

This is in Miami, in Coconut Grove area on the New Years eve, just about 27 days ago… I’d like to see that now instead of snow blowing outside my office windows. I like this yacht forest, growing from the water, so many of them. If you look at the larger image, you can see some details on all of those little yachts.

Just hop on one and sail somewhere warm.

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