Speak French?

On a quick day trip to Montreal and everyone speaks French to me. I don’t speak a word. Not sure if they are disappointed or not.

It’s been snowing on and off for the last 24 hours. Pretty cool. Also people are out all about doing their stuff. It’s nice. Down south it would paralyze most everyone and everything.


Boston Nights

A few years ago I stayed over night in Cambridge with my windows facing south with nice view over Boston. Some snowstorm was passing by with some moody and cloudy skies. I have heard that this hotel has an observation deck on the top floor. They were closed that night, maybe they are open in the summer. I’ll be back in Boston in early June, maybe stay at this place again and check it out.

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Light me Up

We spent there only one day, but experienced all type of winter weather we could ask for. Sunny skies, dark stormy clouds, snow, fog and wind. All appeared in the span of 10 hours. With the size of the Grand Canyon you could see snow falls just a few miles away while you were under the perfect blue skies, then it would move your way and you’d be snowed in while other spots would be lighted up by the sun. Really awesome experience.

So here is another one from the Grand Canyon series.  

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Winter Paradise, Finally

If you recall, in my yesterday’s post I mentioned about grey skies and rain. Well, weather man was right, it started snowing in the evening and it actually stuck to the ground. This morning we woke up to gorgeous blue skies with everything covered in beautiful white snow.  This is the first for Winston-Salem during this winter. It seams like we had continuous Fall moving into Spring and finally we had some winter action. When I woke up I grabbed my camera and went to my backyard to snap a few photos. Have to document probably the only snow we will get here before it all melts down.

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Mt Hood

Yesterday I posted an image from a very hot place. So in todays post it almost feels appropriate to post an image from an opposite spectrum, from somewhere really cold. Mt Hood in Oregon is perfect candidate for it and I have photo that will fit the bill. This photo was taken very recently during my short  visit to pacific north west. I took a ton of photos over one day period, hopefully many will provide slightly different perspective so I can share them without too much repeat of the same scene <sigh>.

This photo was taken about 30 minutes before sunset. I was staying overnight at the Timberline Lodge and went for some hiking before sunset and then the following morning during sunrise. As you can see I’m very near the top of the Mt Hoot alpine, this was taken somewhere midway of the last lift line that takes you up the mountain. They close lifts at 4PM, with sunset at around 5:10PM I was all along up there on the mountain. Pretty cool.

Most of you know it, but here is quick reminder, if you want to see any of my images in higher resolution then all you need to do is to click on it. They will open up from my photo gallery at smugmug.com. Enjoy!

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