Wife Modeling

I have a few more Fall photos in my archive that I want to post, and admit it, here on the East Coast US we are still in pretty much middle of the Fall. Even though all leaves are gone, trees are naked, but it is about 70F today in Northern Virginia, today is December 4th, mind you.

One day after work back in late October we went for a short walk at Reynolda Gardens, this is the only tree that was in some orange heat at that time. My wife was modeling for me, resting on the bench, good job!

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Summer Activities

Total Visits in June

I have seen a steady increase of visits to my site over the last 6 month. Till June. In June the total number of visitors dropped to half of what it was in May. I’m not really sure why there was such a dramatic change. Could be couple reasons that I can think of, first is related to the beginning of summer and most people getting away from computers, second is that WordPress modified how they count visitors to our blogs. I think in the past if the same person visited multiple pages on the blog, each of them counted as new visit. I suspect that they do not do that anymore and count only one visit from each person, no matter how many pages they look at. I might be wrong but this is the only logical explanation to such a huge drop in counted visitors.

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Winston-Salem Baseball Stadium

Growing up in different part of the world I never played or seen baseball game till I came to US. While being here for almost 20 years I still barely know the rules and managed to see only 3-4 live games. Not my game at all. A few weeks back we finally decided to go check out new stadium in Winston-Salem NC, see the game and take some photos. My primary goal was to take fireworks photos, only to learn that they do them only on Fridays, and this was a Saturday game. We still had a good time, drank some good draft IPA and I took a few photos, this is one of them. Our home team won by big margin. I attributed it to my presence…they put it out for a first time visitor, making sure I come back on some future Friday and catch fireworks.

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Easy Rider

This is a continuation of murals series from around Winston-Salem. I have seen this one for a long time, just never had a chance to stop and take a picture, till now. I’m not a biker and actually never saw the movie, but when I see this building for some reason it always reminds the movie that I never saw. Kind of weird huh?

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In a few Months

I usually don’t post any photos taken around my house. They are not travel destinations and you can’t see them even if you like them. Today I made an exception to this rule.

Every Fall I try to plant tulip and daffodil bulbs in my backyard, as many as I can. I planted tulips a few weeks ago and today I finally got around and planted this’s year batch of daffodils – around 250-300 of them. All in the forestry area, inside the ivy and on the edge of the ivy and grass. Last year I did the same around stone walk into the forest. A few month later nature delivered remarkable results and provided us with very nice show of yellow and green. I hope that the new batch combined with matured daffodils from the last few years will give us a sea of yellow, just in about three month from now. Can’t wait. Now, where is my IPA?

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Millers Department Store

The number of murals is definitely growing in Winston-Salem, and most of them are fairly artsy. Like this one. I’m not sure when it was painted but as of a few month ago I think it was not there. It might be an interesting project to walk around down town and record all of them, one by one. Because one day they will be gone, gone forever.