The White House

It is there, if you pay attention you’ll see it in one of the corners. While the house is fenced and surrounded by all kind of security, the green fields around it are available for everyone to enjoy. You’ll folks playing all kind of team sports and enjoy their time of work or school.

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Monday Movie

THANKS 2012!

First I want to thank you all who have stopped by my blog in 2012! I hope you enjoyed my photography and I hope you will be back in 2013! I wish you all good luck, happiness, good health and prosperity in the new year!


The short time lapses in this video and associated photos were taken over three different days, on different visits to DC. I’ll try to continue making additional short DC time lapses and maybe get all four seasons shown in one short movie, but we’ll have to wait for that at least another six month.

If video is not shown in the browser or applications then visit it at DC SHORT from Dmitrii on Vimeo.

And this is one of the stills that you see in the video. As always you can click on it to open much higher resolution image from my Photo Gallery.

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Decision Day

Battle for the White House

Well, folks it is the day you have to go out and make your vote count. Especially if you live in one of those “swing” states that will actually decide this election. Whatever you are, blue, red, or independent – go and vote. Your vote will decide who will be living in that little house.

I’m for one happy that it will be all over soon. Constant advertising is getting really old and I’ll be happy not to see or hear any of it. btw, I did early vote on Friday. Now I’ll have to decide if I want to stay late and see results or go sleep early and learn results in the morning. Hmmm, Decision Day…

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About five minutes after taking this photo, I was on the other side of the monument walking back to the Lincoln memorial, I heard the familiar sound of helicopters. Everyone else heard it too and then we saw three helicopters approaching from the south towards the White House. Presidential helicopters. They approached quickly, passed over our heads and then one of them took to the left, another to the right, but one slowly descended at the lawn in front of the White House. Everyone was watching. Everyone was trying to get a glimpse of who is going to come out from it. Too far. From where we were you can’t see any detail all the way at the White House. Still, everyone was looking in the same direction. Some had cameras out trying to zoom in. Too far.

You know what I was thinking? – Damn, I wish I was still back at that spot where I was five minutes ago.

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National Mall Tree

Couple nights ago I made my way to the National Mall in Washington DC. I was looking for the National Christmas Tree. I parked not far from the Lincoln Memorial in hopes that I’ll see all kind of lights and other holiday magic on the National Mall. Hmm. There was nothing, it was dark around the pool, even most street lights even dark. I walked all the way to the Washington Memorial and didn’t see a single holiday light. From there I finally spotted lights near the White House, so headed there.

When I saw the tree, I was a bit disappointed. How small it is. I imagined it to be at least twice this high. In the dark with that blanket of lights on it at first I thought that maybe it is not it, maybe it is just some type of cone structure to make it look like a tree, maybe there is one somewhere else. After some examination I believe I could actually see the tree under the lights, so it must be the one. I wonder if there it some type of policy or law that dictates on how tall it can be.

Two images today, this one from one side

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and this one from the other

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