They do work in a beautiful and impressive building. They sure do fail at their job.

Today I didn’t look at any news till this evening and all you can hear now on the news is that US Congress failed at getting some type of compromise. Markets are in red, triple digits. What little money average folks had, got much smaller. This is a depressing way to start Thanksgiving week.

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where the laws are passed

This is the place. I think it is, unless they do actual work in some other buildings. Listening to the news… I believe there is another deadline is coming up to which our lawmakers suppose to come with some solution, something around 1.3 trillion dollars in budget cuts. Based on the news I heard this morning they are no where near the agreement. We’ll see it in a week.

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Lincoln memorial

Today I finished my work right around lunch time and headed straight to the airport, hoping to get on an early flight to get me home. I checked online to make sure they had available seats on the earlier flight, they had at least 10 available. Unfortunately, about 30 minutes later, while checking in at the registration counter they told me that this flight is sold out. Bummer!

I had about 7 hours to kill before my original flight. My back up plan was to go and shoot some photography around DC. Weather in DC was very cloudy and getting worth, but I think the foliage right now is right at the pick time and it could be a good opportunity to get some interesting photos. At the same time it was lunch time and I was super hungry and also I didn’t want to give up so easily on the flight.

So I made it through security, tried to approach the check-in counter and saw about 50 people wafting in line. Not very encouraging with this flight scheduled to live in about 35 minutes. I use to be member of the US Air Club and they have their own check-in counter so I headed straight up another floor.

I have to say that US Air Club representatives, especially, the male representative was not very friendly. All I wanted to see if there are any seats available on the flight. I’m not a member anymore of the club, but there were no customers at the counter and three of them US Air Club rep’s seating behind it. This guy first refused to even assist me, so I moved on to the lady, she took a look at the flight information while this dude was making remarks that I was not suppose to be here and if I wanted to join the club, he would be happy to assist me and stuff like that. It took lady rep about 30 seconds to tell me that flight is sold out. “How difficult was that?” I asked the guy as I was leaving his precious club counter.

So yes, I was still hungry and my favorite 5 Guys joint is right at the end of tarmac. As I was eating my burger I heard boarding announcement. At that point I was trying to decide on what to do next, go immediately back out or spend couple hours at the waiting area. Lots of time to kill. About 10-15 minutes later I was passing by the gates where they take you to these commuter planes, I decided to give it one more try. So I headed down to the gate and asked nice lady if there were any seats available. Well, sometimes magic happens. Someone didn’t show up and I had the last seat given to me. Short bus drive later I was on the plane waiting for me for departure Smile.

And guess what, it started pouring rain. Fortunately, not so long ago I took this photo. No rain. Enjoy.

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Inside the National Cathedral

Today we are back at the National Cathedral. I think it actually looks kind of better on my photos than in real life. Haha. But it is true, you can look and examine different details, take your time and count all those flags up there (how many of them there anyway?, and what do they represent, anyone?), enjoy the color on the ceiling coming from the bright hot sunny day.

I’ll need to go back there sometime soon, hopefully it is back open for public after recent earthquake.

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Up or Down?

When you look at this photo and see the plane, do you think it is going up or down? If you are familiar with this specific geographic location then you’ll know the answer. Visual illusions are always interesting. Well, I guess, I gave away the answer.