Friday Mystery Photo

Last Friday of the month and last day of the month, Spring is coming to an end and we are bridging into the Summer (it was pretty hot yesterday…), so the bridge photo felt like an appropriate subject for today. Of course it happened that I had one ready, so it made it easy.

I took a few attempts at taking this photo, for some reason cars were coming from no where and I had to get out of their way, how annoying of them to do that!

Would you like some clues? Well, here is one, this bridge is between two different legal territories…I think that is a broad enough statement that covers countries, provinces, republics, states, counties, pueblos or whatever else can be considered as one. More clues? Nuh, one is probably enough… Have you been there?

Saturday Update: Thanks all for stopping by and trying to identify the place. This week we have only a single winner of the mystery photo, she first identified the general location and then provided exact location, check her cool blog at The Perpetual Vagabond!

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Canyon Way

Driving HW 30 from Portland towards the Hood River and then onto The Dalles is one of the must drives in Oregon. The scenery is unbelievable. Ever changing landscape with multiple views over the Columbia river are spectacular. One of the most remarkable things about this drive is the dramatic change from a rain forest environment on the west side to almost desert like to the east, and this change happens over maybe just 20 miles. You drive through some forests with huge trees and then suddenly they all gone and it is getting really hot, with naked yellow fields burned by the sun. This canyon is midway between the Hood River and The Dalles, great views, especially when you stand there in person.

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North West Jungle

I really like all the moss on the trees and buildings in many parts of the Pacific North West. It is so abundant, lush and green. I was doing some hiking on the Bainbridge Island and saw many cool ‘jungly’  areas in the forest. The problem with forest and daylight sun is that there is so much contrast when it comes to photography and reproducing actually what you see there with your naked eye is so much harder in digital form.

Thanks for stopping by! And as always, it looks much better in high resolution – just click on it!

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Mt St Helen

Resting… Waiting for next blow up… It could be in our lifetime, could be thousand years from now…

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Ruby Beach

I wish I was there again, inhale the salty wind, enjoy sunset and just have a good time. Well, some day I hope we manage to visit it again. Have a good weekend everyone!

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