Sunset at US Capitol

Versatile Blogger Awards

In the last few weeks a few bloggers awarded me with their Versatile Blogger Awards. I want to thank you all for this honor. Here they are, in no particular order, go check them out:

Watch Out, Don’t get Run Over

I took this photo with ghosts in the frame (like the one below) and without anyone in it. After looking at them I decided to process this one first. While US Capitol is really cool to look at, it has been photographed so many times, I decided for this one to be extra unique. When I start run out of fresh supply I might process one without the ghosts. Enjoy!

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They do work in a beautiful and impressive building. They sure do fail at their job.

Today I didn’t look at any news till this evening and all you can hear now on the news is that US Congress failed at getting some type of compromise. Markets are in red, triple digits. What little money average folks had, got much smaller. This is a depressing way to start Thanksgiving week.

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where the laws are passed

This is the place. I think it is, unless they do actual work in some other buildings. Listening to the news… I believe there is another deadline is coming up to which our lawmakers suppose to come with some solution, something around 1.3 trillion dollars in budget cuts. Based on the news I heard this morning they are no where near the agreement. We’ll see it in a week.

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US Capitol

Would you believe that five minutes after taking this photo I got soaked wet in huge thunder storm? Yep, it happened. The weather man said that thunder storms will safely bypass DC so without a second thought I got on the bike an went for some National Mall photos. It was all fine till around mid evening, then after taking this photo (and a few others) from the west side I went to the east side, and it came, first a few drops, then some sprinkling. OK, I thought that it should not be a problem, went under the cover to wait it over. Few minutes later it slowed down, I got on the bike and went back to my place. Then it really started to pour over. Like a hurricane, some kind of torrential storm, just buckets and buckets of water. I was the only person on the street.  After couple blocks, I was getting soaked wet and saw big building with cover up, so I pulled in to get some perspective of where I was and maybe wait through the rain. Ten minutes later rain was still going with its full strength, but I learned that I was only couple blocks from a metro station. There I went.

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