Tysons Corner Sunrise

Some time when I visit Tysons Corner I get to stay on the south east side off my hotel and once in a while get a chance to witness some pretty nice sunrises. Taking photos through the window is not the best option, I think it kind of screws up some light, but it is best I can do. They don’t let me get on the roof here.

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Route 7 Construction or Drive By Shooting…

Couple days ago I posted image from my Morning Commute. Expanding the genre with one from my evening commute. Week or so ago I got out of the office during sunset and drove on Route 7 – Leesburg Pike – in Tysons Corner, VA. Route 7 is under heavy construction, they are widening it and doing some kind of work in the middle of it. I opened my window and took couple shots. At a red light off course. Sunset was OK, not the greatest,  but with construction equipment its kind of looks a little more interesting.   

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Metal Art in Tysons Corner

This is located in Tysons Corner, between Marriott hotel and the Mall. There are new business offices there, a Chima Brazilian Steak house, some art shops. There are some interesting art sculptures on the street as well. This is one of them.

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Sunsets, Sunsets, they never go away–update

Slightly different processing on this one. Gives it a different look. I call it “Blue Fire”

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This is one of my first attempts at HDR. Originally posted in June:

Well, there is another one from my “Tysons Corner Water Fountain” series. Slightly different look to it. I like the pink. Click on the image to see it large.


Another Cool Sunset

Here is another picture I took a few days back in Tysons Corner. I like how colors from the sun are living in the water and it is going from the light pink on the left to some bright yellow to the right. Click on it to see it large on my photo blog site, it looks much better in large, as you can see the water frozen in that millisecond.