Red Wine

We were just at our friends having dinner, drinking some Chilean wine. Good food, good conversation. Got back home close to one AM, and we did have a designated driver… so no worries. Its been raining second night in the row, really good for all the greenery around here which was turning into not so greenery…

So we got home and I’m telling my wife that there will be no post on Saturday… well, good to have a supporting wife, I checked my hard drive and discovered that I have this photo seating waiting to be shared with the rest of the world. As many of you might recognize, this ferry coming into Seattle, probably from the Bainbridge island.

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Blue Sunrise

After witnessing one of the sunrises on the Mediterranean we were walking back to our hotel and decided to check how main pool looks at this early hour. I liked what I saw. Pretty much every guest is still sleeping at this early hour and this pool looked so nice and peaceful, with sun sneaking out, indicating a hot day ahead. In a few hours it will be packed with adults and kids, swimming, drinking at that bar and who knows what else doing in this pool, hehe. We spent our time at the beach, swimming in nice Mediterranean sea.


North West Jungle

I really like all the moss on the trees and buildings in many parts of the Pacific North West. It is so abundant, lush and green. I was doing some hiking on the Bainbridge Island and saw many cool ‘jungly’  areas in the forest. The problem with forest and daylight sun is that there is so much contrast when it comes to photography and reproducing actually what you see there with your naked eye is so much harder in digital form.

Thanks for stopping by! And as always, it looks much better in high resolution – just click on it!

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Monday Morning Movie

Another work week is here and we start it with one of the time lapse movies and photo from it. Couple days ago I posted photo from the Biltmore Estate, it was actually taken on a different visit from when I shot this time lapse.

Biltmore Estate from Dmitrii on Vimeo.

This photo comes at 1 minute 41 second time spot. Have a great week.

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Sunrise in Seattle

Blogging While on Vacation

The prior two weeks I was on vacation visiting my parents in Kazakhstan. Prior to the trip I was planning to continue publishing photos on the normal schedule, but while traveling, especially on vacation, that is very hard to do. Too many other things going on and posting photos is really goes far away from priorities. Now, back in good, comfortable USA, I’ll try to get into the routine…hehe, maybe.

Space Needle

This place does not need special introductions. I took this photo in late January, right before the sunrise.