Wet times Square

East Coast is super wet right now, it seems like it is raining everywhere and it is really raining, I mean, like pouring down. I happen to be in Times Square during this big wetness period, got literally soaked wet all the way through my underwear, my shorts were drenched in water, I ended up walking right straight through deep pools of water in my running shoes, all to try take some photos of somewhat deserted Times Square. My first attempt with 14-24 didn’t go too well as it got immediately wet and I had to go back to hotel and change it to 24-70 as it has much longer lens hood and can keep external water from getting on the glass, well at least for some time. I think I got couple shots that were decent, here is one of them.

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Blue Sunset

A few days ago you saw photo taken from almost the same spot as I took this one. It had a boat. The last boat that came back from the ocean before it got dark. I was walking on the bridge and taking a few photos, including this one.

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Hiking, the Easy Way

Every hiking trail is different and depends on the amount of people visit them and who controls them, they can come in all shapes and forms. Some are fully paved and very wide, almost like sidewalks in the city, some are partially paved and maybe have some crashed rock for the surface, and of course most of them are pretty much natural flow of the landscape with sticking out rocks, crevices and polished by thousands of boots wiry roots, there for you to pay attention as you trek the trail. I’m usually not the big fan of the fully paved trails, sometimes I find it actually a bit harder to walk on them than the normal dirt ones. At the same time I do appreciate when they build little bridges across the creeks and stone staircases in what otherwise would be very steep climb or descent. Another benefit of the little bridges is that most of the time they provide nice photo opportunities, but of course this is only if you are looking for such opportunities. I usually do.

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Life Is Good

Fall is nocking on the doors, not many colors yet, but it is getting a bit colder in the evenings. It makes me to think about nice warm summer (not super hot though), beautiful ocean or sea, clean wide beaches and some fun under the sun. Where you can not worry about anything in your day to day issues, relax so your body feel weightless, just like she is feeling at this moment in the wide open sea. Life is good.

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In Love

They do so, don’t you think?

If you ever been to San Francisco and walked around Fisherman Warf then you’ll probably recognize this sculpture. Normally you’ll see loads and loads of people around it, fortunately I managed to get up really early that day, scroll around the Warf and take some photos. I liked this composition and decided to snap it. Enjoy!

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