Sunset #7

A few days ago we had another wild fire in the foothills, thankfully there were no damage and firefighters took care of it pretty quick.

I did my standard sunset hike and saw this pretty cool display of color in the clouds. You can see a little bit of smoke from the fire.

Want to see high resolution image? Just scan the QR code.

Upside down

Interesting cloud formation last night during sunset, and colors did not disappoint either.

Want to see high resolution image? Just scan the code!

Sparky Sun

Sunset looking over Indian Peaks. This is from a few weeks ago. The second image is code that will take you to high resolution image. Scan it with your phone and see it large!

Anemone Loop

Decided to check out newly created Anemone loop trail this evening. It’s a nice easy going trail with lots of long switch backs. They did pretty nice job on it. Looks like it’s not fully finished but getting close. Much easier than Mount Sanitas and views not as dramatic but a good choice for anyone who wants to run a trail and not worry so much about twisting ankles. Obviously still can do that, actually might be higher probability as you stop paying attention to the trail…which you should never stop doing regardless of how technical it is.

Red Rocks looking good!


Turned out to be another very nice hike up to Mount Sanitas. They are always nice. It just when you get some drama in the sky, it is definitely extra nice.

This was my 180th hike up for this year. On average every other day of the year I made up there. I’m impressed with myself, haha.