Today’s Sunset in Boulder


Redmond Sunset 

Pacific Northwest is very nice this time of the year. I just flew in from snowy Denver to Seattle and it’s perfect t-shirt and shorts weather at the moment.

Winter Magic

Winter Olympics is finally here and I’ll probably spend whatever free time I have watching all the different events. Slope Style snowboarding was pretty cool and delivered us the first gold medal. Good job and for many more to go!

Since a lot of the winter Olympics happens in the snowy cold mountains I felt like sharing one of such photos. This one was taken nowhere near Sochi. I took pretty much exactly two years ago while snowboarding on the Mt Hood. It is really cool place to be, especially if you can spend some time at the Timberline Lodge. 

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North Carolina Sunset

I didn’t post my videos with corresponding photos in a while (except yesterday), so I’m trying to catch up on it with a few posts. I think this time lapse was done about fifteen month ago, beautiful sunset in our North Carolina mountains, a bit humid and sticky, with some mosquitos flying around, but that is normal pretty much anywhere these days.  This year we have been sluggish and made to the NC mountains only once, went to hike the Boone Fork hike couple weeks ago in hopes to eat some blackberries, but they were not ready yet. By now they are probably all eaten by other hikers and occasional black bears.

Smoky Mountains Sunset - Click to see in hi def!

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And here is the video

Sunset In the Smokies from Dmitrii on Vimeo.

Salt Lake City Sunset

The last fourteen or so posts showed day by day our our summer vacation. Anyone with investigative powers can reconstruct the entire route that we took from Salt Lake City and back to it, fourteen days later. Before our flight back to the East coast on a red eye flight, we stopped at the Ensign Peak Nature Park to see how Salt Lake City looks during sunset.

One thing that anyone will notice in Salt Lake City is the big presence of industrial complexes. I have no idea what type of industries are all those complexes, but they were an eye sore, especially after seeing all the natural beauty around there.

Salt Lake City Sunset - Click to see in high resolution

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