After Sunset

Have not posted many photos from Boulder in recent weeks. While I go get my Sanitas hikes almost on daily basis (at 169 so far), the weather usually have not been favorite to get any decent color… Today happen to be out there a bit after sunset… a bit of glow… it was nice

High Shadow

One of the cool effects that you can only witness while standing on the top of the high mountain during sunrise or sunset… watching the shadow of the mountain. The higher the mountain, the better visual you get.

This is sunset at the 3rd highest mountain in Colorado – Mt Harvard.

Great American West

Hope everyone having a splendid day, just like I had it today. Did Ouray Via Ferrata before lunch, and then nice time at Orvis Hot Springs while it stormed in Ouray in the afternoon. It is time to make some fire.

Ouray Colorado

Switzerland of USA. Ouray Colorado. I am planning on doing Via Ferrata tomorrow morning in that canyon. Fantastic activity. Then perhaps hit Orvis hot springs.

Sunset at Mt Harvard

Sunset time at one of the highest places in Colorado. Mt Harvard is the 3rd highest, barely 3 foot lower than Massive and 14 lower than Elbert.

Looking south into the Horn Fork Basin in the foreground and in the background you can see Mt Yale in the center and to the left is Mt Princeton.

The coyote pictures you saw in my previous post were taken at the level of the lake (Bear Lake) below.