Sunrise Hike a Few Days Agor

April Snow

April sunrise in Boulder Colorado never disappoints

Happy New Year

Happy New Year ya’ll!

I decided to get up early and sweat out all champagne that was consumed just a few hours ago. Mount Sanitas summit was pretty crowded this morning, many others wanted to witness first sunrise as well. It was a nice one, great start to a new year.

Mount Sanitas Sunrise

My 151st hike up to Mount Sanitas and happen to be my first sunrise hike! All prior hikes were afternoon or sunset hikes. Spectacular views with fresh snow and a little bit of inversion, that lasted maybe only a few minutes.

Moody Sunrise

Moody sunrise this morning in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Went for a quick 5 miles hike with @winifredlezine to do some fall color peeping… was rewarded with dark fast moving clouds over the high country and blue skies to the east. Wind, lots of wind.

We left just before crowds started showing up 😎, great way to start Sunday morning.