St Augustine Sunrise

It was a nice and warm morning in Northern Florida at the end of December and we even had a few minutes of nice sunrise. 

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Friday Mystery Photo

Times have been very busy this week, didn’t have much time to blog or process any photos. But I did not want to miss Friday Mystery photo. So here it is. The mystery water wheel.

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Party Boat

While visiting St Augustine we went to the bridge to get some photos of the city with sunset behind it. With not a single cloud in the sky it was not really happening, I mean sunset was not happening. There were a few other folks with cameras bit disappointed as well.

At one point we heard the siren indicating that bridge will be raised, attendant had to scream at me because I was not on the right side of the barrier…hehe, I was standing behind that green fence on the left, so after I moved over they raised the bridge and this party boat passed through. Loud with music and party rocking.

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29, 30, uhh 300 more, Getting Dizzy

Truly I have no idea how many steps are total on this spiral staircase all the way up to the top of light house in St Augustine Florida, a lot, that’s for sure. We went up and down but I did not count them. I’m sure that probably almost every kid that knows how to count above 100 (hmm, I wonder what percentage of American kids can count above 100) tried to count it as he/she was going up or down.