Spring is Here, Spring is Here

What? You might ask.

Well, if you grew up or spent some time in Eastern Europe, then you might understand where I ‘m coming from with this heading. For me Spring starts on March 1st, first day of Spring season, not three weeks from now. Same as summer, it starts on June 1st.

The first time someone was trying to tell me that Spring does not start on March 1st was an Westerner about 20 years ago, we got into argument. I could not understand how she did not get that Spring starts on the first calendar day of the Spring, while she was thinking that I’m barbarian or something, thinking that Spring starts on March 1st. Well, for me it was and will always start on the first day of the Spring as it is shown on the calendar.

Cherry Blossoms around Tidal Pool are really awesome. It is very popular with tourists, if you ever in DC during last week in March or first week in April then you might be able to see it. I recommend to go see it during sunrise as you’ll miss huge crowds during evening hours. With current weather, this year they might have in the next 2-3 weeks.

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In a few Months

I usually don’t post any photos taken around my house. They are not travel destinations and you can’t see them even if you like them. Today I made an exception to this rule.

Every Fall I try to plant tulip and daffodil bulbs in my backyard, as many as I can. I planted tulips a few weeks ago and today I finally got around and planted this’s year batch of daffodils – around 250-300 of them. All in the forestry area, inside the ivy and on the edge of the ivy and grass. Last year I did the same around stone walk into the forest. A few month later nature delivered remarkable results and provided us with very nice show of yellow and green. I hope that the new batch combined with matured daffodils from the last few years will give us a sea of yellow, just in about three month from now. Can’t wait. Now, where is my IPA?

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