IN Your Face

This is an impressive aircraft. I took this photo probably 3-4 feet away from the nose of it, with 14mm wide lens it appears farther than that, but you have to come really close to your subject to get it look even this close. This museum is located near the Dulles airport and free to public, except that you have to pay to park, around $15 if I remember it right, and as far as I know there is no public transportation to get you there. They do not allow tripods but I was told that monopods are OK. I was shooting it all handheld.

BTW, if you want to see more photos from this museum then just go to Air Space Museum category under Virginia – right there –> on the right side. I think they all are pretty cool. Also, I think it looks better in high resolution, which is easy to see, all you need is to click on the image!

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Here is one more photo of Space Shuttle Enterprise. You can see two other photos if you look under Air Space Museum in Virginia category. There is a spot on the viewing stairs that take you to this position. I put my camera against the rail to keep it steady and fired a few shots. A few people on the left corner kind of give you an idea about the size of this thing, pretty big.

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The Butt

The butt of Space Shuttle Enterprise, you don’t want to be there when it is working, its fiery farts will burn you alive. Thankfully it is seating in a museum and there is no danger of standing behind it.

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Space Shuttle Enterprise

Frontal view of the Space Shuttle Enterprise. Doesn’t look that big from the distance. you have to see it close to appreciate the size of this little space machine.

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