Sunrise in Seattle

Blogging While on Vacation

The prior two weeks I was on vacation visiting my parents in Kazakhstan. Prior to the trip I was planning to continue publishing photos on the normal schedule, but while traveling, especially on vacation, that is very hard to do. Too many other things going on and posting photos is really goes far away from priorities. Now, back in good, comfortable USA, I’ll try to get into the routine…hehe, maybe.

Space Needle

This place does not need special introductions. I took this photo in late January, right before the sunrise.



Late night in Seattle

Movie Making Software

Do any of you make movies? What software do you use to put different clips together, add photos, special effects, titles, captions, music, etc? I’ve been playing a bit with Windows Live Movie maker. Its free and it works. Just want to see what else is out there and have a good  reputation.

Seattle Space Needle

It was close to midnight when I made to the Kerry Park. My phone died about ten minutes prior to it, with directions to this place, so I had to drive somewhat blindfolded (it is amazing how quickly we get use to the conveniences of the smart phones with built in GPS and fine level maps). It was my first time in this part of Seattle and I didn’t really know what the park looks like. After a few back and force turns on parallel streets I found Kerry Park  with this nice view.

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Seattle Space Needle

Today I booked my ticket for Seattle. Going back there on a business trip in just about 6 weeks. Planning to make a short detour to Whistler/Blackcomb for some snowboarding action and maybe some big mountain photography. Hopefully weather cooperates with me on that trip. I’ve been to BC a few times and it is either super duper rainy and grey or absolutely dead gorgeous. Pretty much 50-50 split. And I will try to make across the harbor to check out downtown Seattle as well, will it look like that in the middle of winter?

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