Arapahoe Glacier via South Arapahoe Peak

Another view from the South Arapahoe Peak 

Looking south from the South Arapahoe Peak. Alpine lakes are really cool to see from a distance. It’s cool to hike up to them as well and feel the cold clean water. On the second image to right is Lake Dorothy. We hiked there last year right around this time and there were no snow. This year its already covered.

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South Arapahoe Peak 

Looking north from the South Arapahoe Peak, 13,400″ high. Right in front of us is the Arapahoe Glacier. This is where we get our drinking water in Boulder. Boulder actually owns this Glacier. Water is scarce in the front range, owning your own Glacier does help with securing its supply.

This is looking east from the same spot. Those lakes below get their water from the Arapahoe Glacier and this is where one of the branches of the Boulder Creek finds it start.