Snowy Day

Fresh snow day in the front range (just a few days back). A nice spot to see both Boulder and Longs Peak. You would think that Longs Peak is just seating above Boulder, but you can’t see it from Boulder… as soon as you go down into the valley, those front range hills block it entirely.

First Snow

First snow in Boulder does not disappoint!

Lake Dorothy

South Arapahoe Peak is truly awesome place to visit. Last two photos I shared had 14ers that you can see from the peak. Those are some distance away. But this magnificent landscape is right under it, you can’t avoid it as it is right there below looking awesome.

Lake Dorothy in that bowl… great place to visit but even better to be enjoyed from higher advantage point!

Longs Peak

Every time I climb up South Arapahoe Peak I spend time admiring this view. Right across the Arapahoe Glacier looking north you can spot Longs Peak, but what cool is this dramatic landscape in the foreground that makes it.

Grays and Torreys Peaks

Hiked to South Arapahoe Peak in Indian Peaks Wilderness, what a beautiful day! You are looking here at the Grays and Torreys Peaks, two of Colorado front range 14ers. I climbed both of them last year in August.