Sky Pond

Sky Pond this morning, no more ice skateable. Trail is packed with snow, no snowshoes needed, but micro spikes absolutely recommended. Loch Vale is no longer walkable across, but can be by the edge. Walked over Lake of Glass, just fine. Get there super early to walk up on the frosty packed snow, as by 10AM it starting to get slushy. Can’t imagine what it is like after lunch.

Sky Pond

Is always dramatic. Took this photo a few weeks ago. Ice was perfect for ice skating, but I didn’t bring it as it was very windy and cold. Need to try over the next couple weeks.

Loch Vale 

Today was another awesome day at the Rocky Mountain National Park. We went hiking (snowshoeing) to the Sky Pond. Weather was absolutely perfect, no wind, have never seen it so quiet there. Since last week they seems like got another couple foot of snow, so everything was white snd puffy. At some spots trees were covered with so much snow you could almost not see the trees under it.

I took this photo on the way back, as we were walking across the Loch Vale. Clouds were coming in as we were leaving, bringing more snow.

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