Couples San Souci

Jamaica is full of lazy travel resorts. Most of them are all inclusive, they pick you up at the airport and pumper you all the way till they drop you back at the airport. Couples San Souci is one them. All you do is sleep, eat, drink, swim in one of many pools, seat in one of many hot tubs, snorkel, maybe play occasional tennis and take an outside excursion.

Couples San Souci is a nice resort, we chose it on the following criteria – it is not a golf resort, it is not a casino resort and it is adults only. Also, it happens to have cloth required and no cloth (a la nude :-)) areas. Good to get that perfect suntan once in a while.

We were very happy with this resort and felt like 7 days of absolute laziness was not enough and could stay there for another week and do absolutely nothing. They take care of you. Resort is plush with flora and all kind of birds, lizards, frogs and what else lives in Jamaican insect family. Some day in the future when we have extra time and decide to take another lazy vacation we’ll probably go back to it again. Not anytime soon, though. There are so many other places to see and explorer.

What is amazing is that these resorts probably survive mainly on returning customers. Most people go there every year, year after year to the same place, usually the same month and week. They spend their 1 or 2 weeks out of their 2-3 weeks vacation at the same place. Repeaters are usually book their next year vacation at the end of their current vacation. Some folks have been to the same place for dozen years and never try anything else. This is fascinating to me.

Local fisherman passing by the “a la nude” beach before sunset.