San Juan

Sunny Day in San Juan

Another sunny day on this sunny island.

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Rather Be There

For sure, right now I’d rather be there on the warm beach than in the still wintery North Carolina. How about you?

This was our last day in Puerto Rico and I managed to get up for some sunrise views and enjoy a bit more of this nice place. We stayed at Hilton which has its own private beach access and nice views east for sunrise photos.

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Friday Mystery Photo

Posting this a few seconds before I have to board on my flight… Will try to update with more info on Friday.

But for the early birds, as always, Friday question – where is this inviting place?

Monday Update: Thanks all for stopping by and trying to figure out where it is. While there were some close calls, the jtejiphotography got it perfectly right – it is Caribe Hilton in San Juan Puerto Rico. About six month ago I posted the same looking view, only it was taken from the other side of the pool.

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Friday Mystery Photo

oh my, sometimes it is not easy to make any of these posts, but cannot miss Friday. it is one of those days that our mystery photo must appear… so I had one… thankfully.

now it is your turn to tell us where it is

Update: and after almost one week absence I’m back. Thanks everyone for trying to identify the place of where it is. It is actually not anywhere in Europe. It is in old town San Juan Puerto Rico. It is located on the top of the church and I took it with long zoom lens.

Here I am - Click to see it in High Resolution!

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