Golden Gate Bridge Flowers

Last night I was looking for a photo to publish and randomly selecting different folders to see if anything will catch my eye. This one felt right and here it is for you guys to enjoy as well.

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San Francisco Financial District

I took this photo handheld from the top of the Coit Tower. They were closing it in just a few minutes and I could not stay for a bit darker skies, but I would probably would not be able to take any good shots of it anyway, with no tripod it is hard to take night photos. The view to the other side is pretty cool as well, you can see the Fisherman Warf, the Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. If you happen to visit San Francisco then make sure to make a visit to the Coit Tower and have a round view of the entire city.

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Golden Gate Bridge

From East coast’s one of its star cities to the West coast’s one of its star cities. Yesterday we were in NYC, today in San Francisco. From one bridge to another. I had to chance to walk across both bridges. Hmm, well, actually I didn’t walk across this bridge, I drove a bike over it with some short walks rolling the bike. It will take a bit longer to walk across this bridge than Brooklyn Bridge, also this one is a bit more nerve wrecking, with heavy traffic going right next to you. The sound of fast moving traffic on the bridge with continuous bumping can get on the nerves. Have you ever been on the bridge and felt that way?

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San Francisco

After taking some sunset photos of the Golden Gate Bridge I turned around and took a few San Francisco photos as well. Not sure if it is usual to have no clouds, but that night San Francisco was pretty much cloudless.

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Friday Mystery Photo

It looks to be a big city, with some new and old style architecture. If you don’t know the building, I think there are a few other giveaways here to figure out the place. Happy Friday everyone!

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