Friday Mystery Photo

Where is it? It is hot and sunny and those ruins are older than the New World.

Saturday update: this photo is the same place as this photo, which provides a bit more information on the location.

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Olympos River

Tell you the truth, I have no idea what this river is actually called, I tried to zoom in to it on the map but it didn’t even show it, so I just called it Olympos River, because it is going straight through the Olympos ruins in Cirali Turkey. This is the same place as my prior couple posts, Crystal Waters of Mediterranean and the Roman Ruins.

This summer we vacationed in Turkey at the Renaissance Resort near Antalya. I rented a car at the Antalya airport and had flexibility to move around, not like the rest of the guests at that resort (about this in one of my future posts). One day we decided to drive south-west and see the Roman ruins in Olympos, it was about 90 minute easy drive from the resort. I think we had to pay about $2 to get into the ruins area and additional couple bucks to park, not expensive. As you drive to the ruins entrance you’ll pass many budget hostels and a lot of interesting looking restaurants. There are a lot of resorts for budget travelers around there, I think a lot of young (college young, hehe, I’m starting to feel my 40+ age) Europeans are flocking down there for some good time and beautiful beaches. Cool place to visit, that is for sure.


Friday Mystery Photo

Ahh, last day of August… summer is getting to its end… hopefully the heat will be disappearing soon as well.

As for my Friday Mystery photo, here is one… this place is very old, as you obviously see, but it is older than it is even looks. Where is it?

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