Good Night Longs Peak

A few more from couple days ago. Sun hit the peak nicely for a few minutes, giving us this.

I hiked Longs Peak in August and now can see the general location of couple sections of the trail. Here you can see the Ledgers and the Thorough, I think that is what it’s called.

The Ledgers kind of go right along the sun break line, in mid section of this photo, its not advised to be traveled in wet or snow or icy conditions. One mistake and you will be sliding all the way down couple thousand feet to Green Lake. Second photo shows how far down it goes.

The Thorough, is a chute seen covered in snow, doesn’t have the same denger, but it has a lot of lose rock, and it’s highly recommended to wear a helmet on that section, as folks above you who a sliding on the their butts more likely kick some of that rock…you don’t want to be in its pass. If you are, helmet might prevent head injury.

There are two final sections on the other side, not shown. To get up this peak via standard keyhole route you circle around North, West, and South. There are more advanced technical routes via the east side, the famous Diamond, last photo. Did you know that Longs Peak Diamond is on the Colorado 25 cent coin?

Longs Peak

For some upcoming travel I needed to get a new National Parks pass, so this evening I made a quick trip to Rocky Mountain National Park to get the pass (quick tip – if you get it at RMNP, you can use it to enter the park via unattended gate – can save 10-15 minutes on busy mornings). Since I was there, went for a quick hike to Dream Lake, but spent most of my time taking photos and enjoying sunset over the Longs Peak. This one was probably one of the last I took… nice pink hit the clouds just for couple minutes before it all turned into grey…

Have a great week ya’ll!

The Shadow

Interesting visual. Why do you think the sky looks like this?

This is actually the shadow from the Longs Peak during sunrise.

Golden Hour

Summer solstice sunset at 12100 feet high

We decided to see sunset on the longest day of the year from the closest highest driving spot, so quick drive to the Trail Ridge Road in RMNP was in order. It was cold, windy and by the time we were leaving, we were covered in the white fast moving cloud… at 12100 feet high elevation weather turns on a dime!

Not disappointing sunset. Don’t you think?