Cats and Deck Rail

A few years ago when I designed the deck for my house I wanted to make sure it does not provide large sleeping platform on the rail for our cats. Deck is very high off the ground and I didn’t want them flying down half asleep. Also I wanted it to not block any view. Wrought iron rail was a perfect solution for this.

After it was built, it did not take long for our cats to claim it as their perimeter observation route, going back and forth from one end to the other. At least they are not sleeping on it.

Its been raining for the last couple days and everything is of course wet, but for one of our cats it was not the reason of not getting some acrobatics under his belt. I guess after sleeping most of the day and getting bored inside the house he needed to walk on the wet rail. I had to grab my camera and snap a few photos, with this one being one of my favorites.


Then I paid  a bit more attention to the flowers and how pretty they looked with water drops. Of course I could not resist but take a few photos of them as well.

and here is another one

Yoggy Pushkin

Today’s picture is not from far away place from home. One of our cats, named Pushkin (after famous Russian poet for those not in the know), likes to play hide and seek and all around an awesome cat.  I think he was very happy with this spot, soft and comfy and definitely feels like no one would find him there.