Thing of Beauty

Grays and Torreys

Watching sunrise at 14,000+ feet elevation above sea level is always a treat. I always try to find other 14ers around me and see how they look in the morning light.

Do you know what are these two?

If you said Grays and Torreys Peaks, you are correct. From the top of Mt Bierstadt you can easily see Mt Evans, Longs Peak and Grays and Torreys. Might be able to see other as well.

I wonder how many people were at this time on those peaks… looking in my direction as sun was rising behind me.

The Other Side

The final stretch of the sawtooth ridge as you travel from the Mt Bierstadt to Mt Evans.

This looks super scary and intimidating. In reality this portion of the ridge I think is the easiest of it all. Just make sure to move slow and stay away from the edge of the narrow path… the good part, it is wide enough to be able to avoid looking down into that big demise drop into “center of the earth”.

Mt Evans

Sun is exploding on top of Mt Evans summit. It was nice sunrise with Mt Bierstadt summit filled by sunrise watchers.

I took this photo and started my descent via sawtooth ridge to summit Mt Evans, making it my 26th 14er.

Sawtooth Ridge

Mt Bierstadt and Sawtooth ridge. I enjoyed this route to get to my 26th, Mt Evans. This was my second class 3, first was Longs Peak, and I found it to be more of a class 3 “work out” than Longs. Longs had more exposure in many places, but I felt it was a “safe” exposure and really didn’t have to do any serious route finding or rock climbing. For Sawtooth it was all about finding the right route and there were number of places where I had to do some rock climbing, but without much of an exposure. So it was a nice work out.

This pic makes it look not as intimidating as it looks from other view points, almost looks like a nice vertically even ridge…

Btw, there are at least maybe hundred people standing on the summit of Bierstadt, saw it with long zoom lens…