Boston Waterboat

I took this photo about 18 month ago on one of my first visits to Boston. It was cold and snowy, with a lot of cool boats parked for winter and some sailors coming off the water. This fence looked cool and I wanted to remember it many days and month later. Thanks to it, I still do.

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Window Shopping in NYC

Doesn’t he look mean, this little bugger? Window shopping in NYC can be very entertaining, you never know what you going to find and see. This one appeared to me in obscure part of Chinatown. I was standing next to the window, looking at pedestrians, not suspecting a thing. There was some sound behind me and as I turned around, there was Chucky, right in my face, scared me to death. I had to pull out my gun, rapid fire and shot him on the spot.

Well, it didn’t happen exactly like that, but I can run my imagination a bit, you can too. How about little hand? Creepy.

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Spider Tree

Busy week, busy weekend. How about you?

Have you been the Jekyll Island? Specifically to its North East corner? If you ever make to this part of the East Coast and this part of Georgia, make sure to go see its North East corner. It is like in prehistoric times or from some movie about aliens or total apocalypses, with huge tree skeletons all over the beach, throwing shadows on the sand and coming on waves.


Friday Mystery Photo

Times have been very busy this week, didn’t have much time to blog or process any photos. But I did not want to miss Friday Mystery photo. So here it is. The mystery water wheel.

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Hiking NC Mountains

Time Lapse with D800

D800 has built in function to make time lapse movies. It allows to to choose the frequency of each capture and total length of the capture sequence. At the end of the time lapse, camera will combine all captures into time lapsed movie, with 24 frames/sec. The good side of this is that you don’t have to do a lot, frame it, set aperture, ISO and choose the time lapse function in settings. Push the button and wait. 10 minutes of 1 capture per every 5 seconds will produce 4 seconds of the movie. 25 minutes will make 10 seconds. One major downside to it is inability to modify the quality of the captures before they are merged into the final clip. If some parts are over exposed or under exposed they will be shown like that in the movie. There is a way to take a lot of captures without making actual movie and process them via 3rd party software, like LR, but I have to tried it yet.

So I’ve been playing a bit with time lapse on my D800. Here is the first movie. If you have problem watching it from inside this blog, you can see direct via this link.


Moody Skies

And this is one of the photos you saw in the above video.

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