hot, Hot, Hot

Ohh man, we have another heat wave on the East coast. Yesterday my car was showing 107F,  and it is right around there, the official temperatures somewhere around 103-105F, so hot. Most of the flowers in my garden started to die, I had to do some heavy duty prolonged watering all around the house.

As you might guess, to fight the heat, I have a fairly cool, I mean, showing cool and cold environment, photo.  This is another one taken on the Mt Hood, nice cool sunset. Enjoy and have a great Sunday!

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Skyscrapers aka Небоскребы


I’ve been keeping advertisements off this blog by paying for “No Ads” upgrade with Recently I learned that I can turn on ads and get a little share from the ads revenue they get. I’m going to turn on this feature in a few days and see how it goes for some time, what kind of ads they are going to put and if it will at least pay for all the extra upgrades on the blog.

Небоскребы, Небоскребы (Skyscrapers)

I know that there are a few visitors to this blog who lived in Soviet Union in the 80th and 90th and will probably relate to this post. Every time I visit NYC or see movies with some action in Manhattan I think of a little verse from a song that goes like this in Russian: “ Небоскребы, Небоскребы, а Я маленький такой” which means “Skyscrapers, Skyscrapers, but I’m so little”. It was performed by the Russian immigrant to NYC and was very well known in Soviet Union. I don’t remember the rest of the song and actually as of today didn’t even remember the name of the guy who performed it. Today I had to see if it is available on youtube and hear it again. Sure thing, there are a few versions of it available, all pretty cheesy, here is one if you like to hear/see it.

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Seattle Lights

Another view of the great city from the Dr Jose Rizal Park. Enjoy.

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Friday Mystery Photo

It is somewhere warm so palm trees can grow and where some big ships can come, and if they happen to be enemy ships, they could be destroyed by canon balls shooting from the walls of this fort. Soo, my distinguished world travelers and search gurus, where is this place?

Update… There were a lot of guesses and half of them were just on the spot – St. Augustine, Florida. But looking through your comments, you brought up so many places that I have yet to visit. Better get some vacation soon and book some tickets, as your destinations look pretty nice:

  • Suez Canal, Egypt
  • Spain
  • Panama Canal
  • Caribbean fort but it could be anywhere in the Mediterranean
  • Galle, Sri Lanka
  • Old San Juan Puerto Rico
  • Havana
  • Tunis
  • Malta
  • Strait of Hormuz in Oman/UAE/Iran

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It Never Stops Here

Entire blogs are dedicated to New York City and there is always something new can be said or seen about this city. I have a few photos from it too and will continue to share them as I get through processing them. I think this is a third one this week.

This photo was taken at around 11:30PM, we were walking back to hotel and I was trying to capture the mood of the place. The never stopping, constantly on the move, with so many people, moving, standing taking pictures, taxi cars whisking by. One big living organism. In this late hour it was as busy as would not even get busy in most other cities during their rush hour.

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