In Paris

As I was taking this photo couple young girls approached me and asked to provide donation to some type organization. They had some pamphlets and a little paper log where they wanted to me to write my name. I offered to them one dollar, but they wanted at least 20, so I told them to get lost. Over the next 30 minutes or so I saw them bugging many other tourists around there. Anyhow, I arrived in Paris only a few hours ago and that is the only time I saw sun over the next few days, Paris can be a gloomy place, but not on this night.

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Friday Mystery Photo

I waited around there for about ten minutes, waiting on that punk to get off the bench and go somewhere else. He was seating there staring at all the tourists taking photos of this little pond and had no intention to move. I could mask him out in post processing, but I don’t really like to do a lot of that type of post processing work, so I took the shot while those little ducky’s were near by and moved on. There were about 3-4 people behind me waiting to get their photo taken, it was nice and idyllic.

Happy Friday everyone! What is the name of the garden where I took this photo?

Weekend update: Veronica Grassi got it right, it is Luxembourg Garden in Paris. If I would turn around I’d see the Luxembourg Palace. Thanks all for stopping by!

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Friday Mystery Photo

Friday the 13th of the 13th year of this century. Only if we had thirteen month per year and it was Friday 13-13-13, now that would be pretty cool. But we just have to live with Friday-12-13-13, its not bad either.

I have been really slacking in posting any photos or doing much around my blog lately. Not sure why, maybe it is Fall and Winter, maybe work is too busy, maybe luck of interest in doing it too often. Well, New Year is around the corner, we’ll see how it goes.

Today’s photo an easy one probably as well, but so I thought about last week and no one got it. So where is this and what is in the background?

Weekend update: Nice, pretty much everyone identified the place, you guys are true Parisians! It is in fact the Hotel des Invalides.

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Eifel Light

As winter storm on the east coast goes away, it reminds me of prettier time during my visit to Paris. I spent there a few days, walking for hours every day and exploring different parts of the city. It is so huge and so much to see, in those few days I only scratched a small surface of it all.

During my first evening I made my way to the Eifel Tower right around sunset, hoping to get good light. I’m glad I went there on that night, as it is the only day when I saw any sun. Every other day Paris was showing to me its grey overcast side.

While taking photos around Eifel Tower, couple young girls tried to scam me out of some cash. They were walking around with a notepad collecting names for some kind of petition. Being a nice tourist I identified myself as something like “John Smith from NYC”. Then she started demanding cash to donate to their cause. When I offered some change in US coins, she said that they only take larger amount, to which I told her that is all I have. She was not happy and quickly figured out that she will not get anything out of me, turned around and went to hunt another target. A few minutes later I saw someone else filling her petition.

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Behind the Glass

Winter is Coming

Raining it is, east coast is under nasty uncomfortable cold rain with some ice and snow. Yick! I guess it is the beginning of the winter.

Looks Like Peace

Looks like the middle line is the repeat of the word “peace”, is it right? I wonder if other lines have the same but in other languages. Or am I completely imagining it? We got to have some all things Parisian experts visiting here, who would know exactly what it is saying.

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