The Lava of Weed

I stumbled on this somewhere around Yachats Oregon. It looked pretty cool, like a river of sea weed or whatever this stuff is. The greener part spends more time in the water, the white is not and gets bleached by the sun, when that sun decides to break through the clouds of course.

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Lets go Fishing

I can’t remember where exactly I took this photo. I think it is taken at the Depoe Bay Oregon.

Great state to visit, and I’m sure great state to live. I’ve never been on the fishing boat in the Pacific. I think next time I should plan for some type of excursion, fishing, whale shooting (with camera) or just glamour cruising.

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Big Sur

Travel Photography Tools

When you go to new destinations do you use any type of tools to see where are the most interesting photography spots or you just go there and hope to see it and discover it on your own? Travel books are great, but they usually don’t tell you where to go to take sunrise, sunset or other interesting photos. I’ve been using Flickr to see geo-tagged photos but find it not very user friendly. What about you?

Dream House

All I can say about Big Sur is that I’ll try to make sure to visit it again and I’ll recommend it to anyone else. Stunning place with stunning views. We drove south from the Pacific Grove down HW 1 to Big Sur and probably had to stop every five minutes to look at the awesome views the nature presented to us. On one of those stops I spotted unassuming house seating on the cliff and wondered what it would be to live there (mind you it probably cost only about somewhere under twenty million). Every night see some beautiful sunsets, watch whales doing their migrations, seals and otters, listen to crashing waves way below and just be part of this environment.

One can dream.

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Oregon Coast

I can’t remember the exact location where I took this photo, it is somewhere in northern part of Oregon coast. I think it is somewhere between Canon Beach and Rockaway Beach, but I might be mistaken. Even in the middle of the summer that water is very cold, those surfers really into surfing. Personally I have never tried any water sports in cold Pacific ocean waters, so my hat goes off to them. I’m sure wet suits help a lot, but still it is cold water in northern part of Oregon.

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