Werewolf Hour

I didn’t get to see any cherry blossoms this week, but last night I took a good walk from Roslyn over the Key Bridge all the way to the National Mall. As sunset hit I saw the full moon rising, I completely forgot about it so it was a nice surprise. Those clouds moved in a few minutes later and covered the moon. Does it still count as a full moon for werewolves and other similar creatures?

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Early Fall in DC

With a few more weeks of winter left on the calendar I want to share some green colors we are going to see in just about two plus month from now. Back in early fall I was walking around the National Mall and saw this view off Washington Memorial with some early leaves on the ground. I was hoping to get back to the same spot a few weeks later and see how it looked with those trees getting some colors, but it never happened. Maybe some other year.

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National Mall Tree

Couple nights ago I made my way to the National Mall in Washington DC. I was looking for the National Christmas Tree. I parked not far from the Lincoln Memorial in hopes that I’ll see all kind of lights and other holiday magic on the National Mall. Hmm. There was nothing, it was dark around the pool, even most street lights even dark. I walked all the way to the Washington Memorial and didn’t see a single holiday light. From there I finally spotted lights near the White House, so headed there.

When I saw the tree, I was a bit disappointed. How small it is. I imagined it to be at least twice this high. In the dark with that blanket of lights on it at first I thought that maybe it is not it, maybe it is just some type of cone structure to make it look like a tree, maybe there is one somewhere else. After some examination I believe I could actually see the tree under the lights, so it must be the one. I wonder if there it some type of policy or law that dictates on how tall it can be.

Two images today, this one from one side

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and this one from the other

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