Georgetown and National Cathedral

Some ugly weather in the last couple days. A few weeks ago I thought I’ll be shooting cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin sometime this week, instead today it was snowing, then raining, then again snowing. Cold and unpleasant. No sign of cherry blossoms. They say it will be next week now, but I won’t be around here to see it this year.

This is a view of the Georgetown University from across the river in Roslyn. The National Cathedral is right behind it. I took this one last night. I’ll try to take one again when skies get clear and that smog goes away.

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Windows at National Cathedral

Most Cathedrals have cool windows, the National Cathedral in DC is no exception. Like take a look at this one. Btw, can any one read what it says at the bottom?  – per request, see what it says at the bottom. When I took the photo I had no clue about it, discovered it only after started processing it and examining it in more details.

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National Cathedral

Swimming with Manatees

Short post today, we are on our way to swim with manatees. Cold front is coming down from the north and it is going to be cold. Not going to take any photos of it, just hope to see some and enjoy the experience.

Today’s Photo is inside National Cathedral

This is another view inside the National Cathedral in Washington DC.

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Inside the National Cathedral

Today we are back at the National Cathedral. I think it actually looks kind of better on my photos than in real life. Haha. But it is true, you can look and examine different details, take your time and count all those flags up there (how many of them there anyway?, and what do they represent, anyone?), enjoy the color on the ceiling coming from the bright hot sunny day.

I’ll need to go back there sometime soon, hopefully it is back open for public after recent earthquake.

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Inside the National Cathedral

It would be a cool project to photograph every cathedral, church or other place like this around the world. As long as they are pretty inside. Most places like this made with impressive architecture and some great art. Made to impress you.

National Cathedral is not an exception. It is pretty inside and outside.

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