Mural, Mural on the Wall

Saw this on the wall in downtown Aspen. Looks cool. Not really sure what it is trying to tell us.

Asheville Mural Project

I know that Asheville has a lot of murals, they are all over downtown, but I did not know that there is an actual “Asheville Mural Project” till I was looking at this photo. Sometimes you can learn new things just like that.

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Random Wall Mural

Wall murals are cool. I try to take picture of them when I see one. Asheville has a lot of random murals around its downtown area, on my occasional visits I already took a few of them. I think this is the second one I get around to sharing with you. As I was processing it, I was looking at it and tried to figure out what kind of war it is and decided that it must be from the early 19th century, some type of Napoleon Bonaparte war fare.  What do you think?

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Friday Mystery Photo

Pretty flowers for you on this Friday! Cool mural I saw on the wall and here it is in its glory. But where is it? Hard one. It could be anywhere where they have large brick walls and allow to paint on them. Pretty much anywhere in the world. All I can give you is that it is above parking lot, hehe, big help, and that it is facing north, another clue, and that it is in a one cool city. Gave it away… I’m sure now you know where it is… Anyone?

btw, this is my 7th Friday Mystery Photo, I’m starting to look forward to it every week, how about you? are you staying all night to see what it is going to be, Winking smile, in anticipation, nervous, asking yourself, what is it going to be and do I know it…haha, probably not, its ok…

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Millers Department Store

The number of murals is definitely growing in Winston-Salem, and most of them are fairly artsy. Like this one. I’m not sure when it was painted but as of a few month ago I think it was not there. It might be an interesting project to walk around down town and record all of them, one by one. Because one day they will be gone, gone forever.