Winter Magic

Winter Olympics is finally here and I’ll probably spend whatever free time I have watching all the different events. Slope Style snowboarding was pretty cool and delivered us the first gold medal. Good job and for many more to go!

Since a lot of the winter Olympics happens in the snowy cold mountains I felt like sharing one of such photos. This one was taken nowhere near Sochi. I took pretty much exactly two years ago while snowboarding on the Mt Hood. It is really cool place to be, especially if you can spend some time at the Timberline Lodge. 

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Where is that Winter?

Two weeks into December and yet to have freezing temps in NC or Virginia. Don’t know about other states but here it is not promising to be anything like we see in this photo. Of course it never gets here like in this photo, but at least we need to have some type of winter signals from mother nature.

Timberline Lodge was fully covered with snow from the north side, very cool view that we rarely see anywhere on the East Coast (well maybe in North East). I stayed there overnight and would love to stay there again. See my view from the window next.

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I stayed in the tiny little room, almost like a closet, it was big enough for a bunk bed and just a little space to stand. Bathrooms and showers are common in the hall. But it was just enough for me to sleep over and catch some nice snowboarding and take some photos. My room was on the south side and was totally covered with snow. It was really cool, I think it was first for me to stay at a place that was fully covered with snow.


hot, Hot, Hot

Ohh man, we have another heat wave on the East coast. Yesterday my car was showing 107F,  and it is right around there, the official temperatures somewhere around 103-105F, so hot. Most of the flowers in my garden started to die, I had to do some heavy duty prolonged watering all around the house.

As you might guess, to fight the heat, I have a fairly cool, I mean, showing cool and cold environment, photo.  This is another one taken on the Mt Hood, nice cool sunset. Enjoy and have a great Sunday!

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Two Year Anniversary

Two years ago I decided to start a little photo blog and share some of my photography. Two years ago on this day I put a first photo on this blog. Interestingly, as a first test post I put photo taken by my daughter. As a good luck charm perhaps. For the first eighteen month I used the default WordPress template and didn’t do any type of customizations, I just posted some photos, some months more some less. About six month ago I decided to get a bit more personal, learned a bit of CSS and customized the look at feel of this blog the way I wanted it. I decided to post at least twenty photos per month and so far staying on focus with it. I’m happy where I am with this blog. I think I have a good number of consistent followers (you know who you are Smile) and a good number of folks who come and go. I hope you come back and bring your friends and family. Please do.

I really appreciate you all coming here day after day. Thank You!

I’m not posting any new photos today. Instead, I decided to post five photos that received the most amount of ‘likes’ from you guys. The five most popular photos from the last six months are:

Sunrise at Mt Hood (link)

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Niagara Falls Sunset (link)

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Seattle Lights (link)

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The Hook (link)

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Golden Gates (link)

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Sunrise at Mt Hood

It was a cold day on the mountain, super windy, especially at the higher elevations, above the tree lines. I ventured out to take some photos before sunrise, dressed like I was going to snowboard, my long socks, snowboarding boots, pants and a few layers of top wear and of course a good warm hat. It felt nice and comfy.

Clouds started coming in over night, as the day before we had gorgeous day with clear blue skies, you might remember this photo I posted couple month ago. So as it happens many times with coming clouds from the west, they have not fully reached horizon on the east and during sunrise sun was popping in and out, giving me some nice views. Here is one of the photos from that nice morning in the Oregon mountains.

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