Indian Peaks

Another interesting sunset with all those forest fires impact on the air quality.

Sunsets and Forest fires

Yesterday sunset was a bit apocalyptic. At first it looked pretty clear but as soon as sun went behind the Indian Peaks, it illuminated all the smoke in the clouds. On the front photo you might be able to spot a little spark. Airplane or alians? Leave it to your wild imagination 😃

And to the east it’s almost full moon, breaking up through all that smog.

Sun Bright

Sunburst Season

Looks like it’s a season of sunburst sunsets at the Sanitas. Right now the angle of the sun at the time of my ascent is definitely different in relation to the pine trees than during June, July and early August. Lets see how it will change over next three months.

Almost All Clear

We are back to pretty much clear air, the sun is all bright on the horizon and nice cloud play right above Boulder. Almost full moon.