All those late afternoon clouds were promising for some spectacular sunset colors, but there were too many of them to the west…sun dropped behind early and never showed up again. The side benefit, summit was pretty deserted, which is how I personally like it.

Windy Sunset

Very windy at the ridge while exposed to the west, all those 20+ miles/hour today winds in Indian Peaks could be felt at Sanitas, especially at some exposed spots on the Lion’s Lair. As soon as you get on the east side, it’s like there is no wind at all. Boulder is very protected from the west.

Cloud That Appeared

Warm afternoon and nice climb up the Mount Sanitas. It was super busy, so as usual I went off to Lion’s Lair one of my secret spots. At first I thought it will be totally cloudless, but then nice cloud formed up under my spell…

Sunset on Fire

Totally cloudless day turned into this beauty. Wind is really picking up at higher altitude.

Which view is your favorite?

First Sunset

Soaking in golden rays of the first sunset of the year 😎. Managed to squeeze two hikes up Sanitas in one day, on the first day of the year. That’s a start with a bang!