Surfing the trail down from Mount Sanitas. What else could be more fun finishing up the weekend?

Then on the way back spotted moon being stricken through… that was pretty cool.

Full Moon

Friday Mystery Photo

From moon light in DC to moon light somewhere else, place unknown, It is a full moon as well or very near to be full. Do you know this place?

Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday update: I don’t think anyone attempted to identify this photo. Well, it is not easy one, but if you ever been to the Coit Tower in San Francisco and looked up in the sky you would probably recognize it. Tripods are not allowed inside the tower so I had to shoot it handheld. There are some nice views off San Francisco from it, pretty much you can  see in every directions though the glass windows. I wish they took the glass off those windows and put some metal bars, as that glass is all scratched and sometimes obstruct the clarity of the view. They still use probably its original elevator, very tiny, man operated.

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Young Moon

On Saturday we went to hike around Carners Gap NC. Hike starts on the border between NC and Tennessee state lines. It took us couple hours to get to the top of “Cornelious Rex Peake” summit. Views from that spot are absolutely incredible, you have pretty much 360 view from the top of the mountain. To the east you’ll see Grandfather mountain, Beach Mountain and Sugar Mountain (this one easily recognizable by the sky rise on top of it). To the west you’ll see Roan mountain. To the north and south just a lot of smoky hills. We witnessed sunset on the summit and then started our hike down to the gap. The moon was very young and it look very cool in the sky above some lingering orange from the disappeared sun. I already packed my camera and a tripod but could not resist this view and had to take a photo, which probably going to be one of the best from that hike.

I think this one is even good enough to be on someone’s desktop as a wallpaper. If you haven’t noticed yet, I post all photos on my photo gallery at, you just need to click on the image bellow and it will open the larger file from the gallery. You can see more details and save it for personal use if you like.

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