Friday Mystery Photo

Google Glass for Travel Bloggers?

Google is trying to position their upcoming eyewear gadget as something fashionable and for everyday and everyone use. They even going to show it in Vogue September edition on super models. I’ve been thinking about it and trying to figure out if it is something I can use in my life. As of right now the only potential use that I can see with this gadget is when I’m traveling and shooting photos – I can potentially use it to shoot some videos of where I am and what I’m doing. Of course it remains to be seen on the quality of the video, that tiny little camera will hardly produce a good quality videos, especially in potentially harsh lightning conditions. Even then I have reservations about it. While I might shoot the videos with it or some low quality photos, I might not ever use it. See, last year I bought GoPro Hero3 camera, it is small and easy to use, so I shoot a lot of little time lapses and videos with it – but I have yet to make anything out off all that shooting, I just don’t have time to do it. So if I had a Google Glass, I fear it would end up in the same bucket, I might record with it, but never end up doing anything with it. So why bother? I truly do not see myself using it for search or directions or any other nonsense stuff they want it to be used. Got other great tools with much better surface to do it.

Would you find a practical use with it? Would you care that you’d look somewhat like a dork with both of your eyes looking up in the sky when you try to look with your right eye?

Today’s Photo

I don’t think I should provide you with any clues, as it is already there. Easy one this week. Where is it?

I’ll update the post with correct location and mention anyone who got it right. Happy hunting!

Sunday update: Yep, it was an easy one. Just put “Stockyard Café” in your favorite search program and it will show that it is indeed in Bozeman Montana. Thanks for stopping by guys!

Stockyard Cafe - Click to see it in Hi Resolution!

Blending In Like a Pro

We were really excited to see a wild goat crossing the road and pulled off to see if he would hang around. He didn’t, he went on down the slope to the river and disappeared in the thick brush. But when I looked to the other side up the mountain I saw something even better. A lot of goats and most of them are a few months old, hanging out there on the rocky cliff and checking me out. If I didn’t stop and didn’t pay close attention I would probably never notice them up there, they blend in so well. I hope they have long and productive lives in Montana mountains.

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Close and Personal

After leaving Missoula we decided to stop by the National Bison Range. It is about one hour north from Missoula on HW93. You have to pay to get in, but our National Park pass got us in without any extra cost. In the park there are couple loops that you can take, one is short and take you closer to the bison herds, the other one is longer and take you almost through the entire park. We already seen plenty of Bison in Yellowstone so naturally we took the longer loop. The drive was scenic, but for the first three quarters of it we didn’t see much of the wild life, with the exception off a turkey that was a bit territorial and decided to attack our car. As we saw it, we stopped to take a look at it, but instead of running away it got on the car, on top of it, on our sunroof and started pocking at it with its beak. Making turkey noises while doing it. Later on we learned that it had a nest nearby.

As we started to descent off the mountain we saw this buck deer. He was far away, but as we started descent serpentine, we looped around him and got a bit closer. I guess our car looked somewhat cool, or smelled of some turkey and not so alien, he decided to come by and check us out. It was only maybe for a minute or two. He was making hardly audible deer noises, ate some grass, took a look at us and took off. But not before I was able to take a few photos.

As always, all photos available in high resolution at my photo gallery.

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Missoula Grizzly

From Bozeman we maid our way to Missoula for one night stay and to check out this town. No offence to anyone from Missoula but we found it not very exciting. Of course one night stand does not allow a lot of time to know the place, but we found it not as interesting as Bozeman. They did have a nice party going on alone the river, in one of the downtown parks, with live music, food and draft beer.

This grizzly statue is suppose to be famous, can’t recall really why, but it looks cool so worthy to be shared with the world.

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Friday Mystery Photo

It seams like it is almost none stop raining on the East coast, but at the same time most of the West part of the country is under sever drought, not just now, but for quite some time. This week I saw some photos in the USA Today from somewhere in Texas, one from 2003, one from this year. In 2003 it showed a lake near some restaurant with bunch of people drinking right next to their big yachts, in the water. This year it showed an empty space, with no drop of water whatsoever.

I don’t think that this part (the photo below) of the country is under as big drought as down in Texas, but I think they are experiencing it too. Right under that big agricultural thingy, which I think does not actually used for its purpose anymore, is an awesome restaurant and brewery where we had some fantastic food and drinks. So what is the name of that restaurant?

btw, in case you were wondering, I took this photo from very far away place, it was taken at 400mm focal length, with Nikon 80-400 lens. This lens costs about $3,000+ if someone wants to own it. I paid a fraction of that to rent it. You can too, check out BorrowLenses on the right side, you might find there something useful as well.

Update: Looks like none of my visitors have been to Bozeman Montana and had a chance to eat at Ale Works.

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