Mills Lake

Perfect Day

Earlier this year, on January 1st, we went for a hike up to the Mills Lake. My daughter brought her skates with her and had pretty perfect skate experience on this alpine lake. As much as you can have such experience, with all the little cracks and crevices, and with ice making those weird noises… It was a perfect way to start a new year!

Mills Lake 

Fresh one from a hike earlier today. Went almost all the way to the Frozen Lake, it’s probably another 3 or so miles from this spot, straight up there in the mountains. On the way you have to pass the Mills Lake. All under good solid ice right now.

Snowshoeing to Jewel Lake 

Today we had fantastic day at the Rocky Mountain National Park. Got up early, drove up to the Glacier Gorge parking lot and did 6.6 miles loop in snowy wilderness. Thst parking is a good one to start hiking for Black Lake or Mills Lake if you are not up to extra few miles of more difficult terrain. Jewel Lake is right next to the Mills Lake, so it’s no brainer to hit it before turning back. 

It was super windy there, but fresh snow and blue skies made it much more enjoyable.

I took this one somewhere maybe three quarters of the way to Mills Lake, while we were still protected by the trees. 

I’ll be posting a few short video clips to my Instagram, so follow me up there as well.

Mills Lake

Right at about 10000 feet still solidly frozen. It was very windy in the open, all that white powedery stuff in the air is snow blown by the wind. Awesome hike. Probably next I make that way it will be melted and have completely different view.