Freaky Weather

Weather here on the east coast have been pretty much weird. Last week I was asking for some warmer days, well, I got my wish, but it should not be that way here in the mid January. As far as I’m concerned the winter is yet to arrive to North Carolina and we are half way through it. March will be around here in about six weeks. We have daffodils coming out like it is early March, just about two month early.

Since winter is yet to arrive, I felt it would be appropriate to post one of the Fall photos at this time. Of course there is no colors anymore, everything is grey at the moment, but unless we get some cold front(s) this whole thing will just transition into the Spring, with no winter.

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Monday Morning Movie–Rockport

If Video is not shown then see it here: Before the Storm from Dmitrii on Vimeo.

I took photos in the movie and couple short time lapse movies last Sunday, one day before big storm Sandy came to the East coast. We were there during sunrise hours and the weather was actually not that bad. Wind was picking up a bit and clouds were moving in, but there were no rain at that point. Later in the morning we drove down to Boston and caught our planes down south, probably some of the few last planes that took off from Boston for the next two days.

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Spring Break

Not everyone having one yet, but today my daughter is coming home for couple weeks for a spring break. Yaaay!

Last October I went to see her at her school on the parents weekend and took this photo at the main lawn. Good place to get excellent education (I guess I’d be considered one of the ‘elitist snobs’ according to one of the current presidential hopefuls) and very pretty campus too. I’m not going to say where exactly this place is, only that it is somewhere in Massachusetts.

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