Boston Nights

A few years ago I stayed over night in Cambridge with my windows facing south with nice view over Boston. Some snowstorm was passing by with some moody and cloudy skies. I have heard that this hotel has an observation deck on the top floor. They were closed that night, maybe they are open in the summer. I’ll be back in Boston in early June, maybe stay at this place again and check it out.

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Friday Mystery Photo

Another Friday – another mystery photo for you folks. I decided to make this one much easier than the prior few Friday photos. If you have been frequent visitor to my blog (see it pays off to come here often) then you will more likely know where it is.

As always, I’ll update this post over weekend with location and anyone who provided right answer.

Saturday Update: Many people tried to identified this one, great participation! Interestingly, many initial identifications were somewhere in England or Europe, if you look at my travel categories, I have not been to any of those parts of the world in the recent times and didn’t take any photos. But we have couple folks who rightfully identified it as Rockport MA, they are David and soonie2. Also, A Taste of Brazil suggested between Rockport and as well. Thanks guys! Good eye!

btw, one of my videos shows this area, see it below.

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and here is the video:

Before the Storm from Dmitrii on Vimeo.



Leonard P Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge - Click to see High Resolution Image

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Morning In Rockport

I have one more week before short summer break, I’m so looking forward to it. We are not going anywhere on the east coast, instead we are heading to explorer some western states. Its going to be awesome, watch out grizzlies, my tripod is coming over there, stay away.

This photo is part of my Rockport short time-lapse video I took while back in Massachusetts. A few hours before Sandy landed.

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and here is the video from that morning:

Before the Storm from Dmitrii on Vimeo.