White Sands Blood Moon

Blast from the past. We were at this park 9 years ago, just about a few days from now. Wind was crazy and I think it got this fine white sand in every pore of our skin. I had to wash my hair at least 3-4 times that night, it was just infused with whatever particles blown into it by the wind.

Yet time was glorious. The view was glorious.

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Sky Pond

Is always dramatic. Took this photo a few weeks ago. Ice was perfect for ice skating, but I didn’t bring it as it was very windy and cold. Need to try over the next couple weeks.

Winter Paradise

A few days ago in the RMNP, as I was coming back to the trail head, I was admiring all this natural beauty, I reminded myself that it might be a nice moment to share with the rest of the world.

There was no wind in this part of the trail, snow still intact on the lower trees, nice peaceful place.

Place that you want to see on every winter hike.

Loch Valle Winter Paradise

Standing right in the middle of the lake, this little island is only accessible in the winter with solid thick ice under the feet.

Loch Valle - Digital Collectible
Available as digital collectible

Snowy Day

Fresh snow day in the front range (just a few days back). A nice spot to see both Boulder and Longs Peak. You would think that Longs Peak is just seating above Boulder, but you can’t see it from Boulder… as soon as you go down into the valley, those front range hills block it entirely.