Spooky Jekyll Island

The north east side of the Jekyll Island is the home to the beach I have never seen anywhere else. Full of the old skeleton trees. Laying and standing there, and in the right light looking really spooky. Like, the earth days came to an end. Once big and strong, all they remind about some prior glory, now getting hit by the ocean waves to oblivion.

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What State Do you See?

When I saw this view I immediately wanted to take a shot and frame it this way. Do you see what I see? What state logo do you see in this photo? The photo itself was actually taken in Georgia on the Jekyll Island.

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North east side of Jekyll Island has some pretty interesting features, entire beach is covered by the trunks of old trees. The entire trees are laying all over like skeletons of some old dinosaurs. The first time I saw it I could not believe my eyes, it was so cool and so weird  to see it all. If you ever make to this place, make sure stop by this beach during the low tide.

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Spider Tree

Busy week, busy weekend. How about you?

Have you been the Jekyll Island? Specifically to its North East corner? If you ever make to this part of the East Coast and this part of Georgia, make sure to go see its North East corner. It is like in prehistoric times or from some movie about aliens or total apocalypses, with huge tree skeletons all over the beach, throwing shadows on the sand and coming on waves.


Sea monster

If you ever happen to be driving on i95 in Georgia, I’d highly recommend to make a quick detour and visit Jekyll Island. You’ll have to pay a small fee to get on the island, but this is because island itself is not very commercialized, not yet. There are a lot of hiking trails and bike trails to take you around the island and see its beautiful nature. We parked on the north side of the island and took one of the bike paths through the marsh, it took us to the beach. I have never seen beach like that. Ocean is slowly eroding the island and kills huge old trees that once stood there. The entire beach is like a cemetery of old washed out skeletons of different trees, trunks and what most look like a sea monsters. I’d like to come back there one day during sunrise or sunset and see how spooky it can get with dark shadows and skeletons trying to get me. 

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