Last day of January is here, sort of a sunset of it. I felt like sunset photo was appropriate to post on this day.

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Dinner Time in Istanbul

Yesterday I mentioned that a lot of people like the food cooked on those floating boat kitchens. Today I want to follow up and provide some evidence. What I don’t know is what type of food they cook on those boats. I think it is mainly grilled fish (the other side of the boat mentions BALIKI – fish), with some side items.

Anyone have first hand knowledge on this subject and can comment?

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Friday Mystery Photo

We didn’t have a chance to eat any food cooked on these boats, yes, those boats are floating kitchens, and based on the large number of people buying their food it must be good. Maybe next time when we visit this city we will have opportunity to taste some of their tasty dishes, whatever they are.

Where is this place? Probably an easy one for many of you, especially if you follow my blog. Thanks for stopping by!

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Istanbul Panorama

This photo was taken with Sony NEX-7 camera, using its panorama mode. This mode actually works pretty well after you get hold of the speed you should move the camera. If you have one, try it. I’m not big fan of the panoramas due to the fact that it is usually hard to see the entire photo in high resolution on the normal monitor.

Couple weeks ago we went to see latest James Bond movie, it starts with some action scenes in Istanbul. Since we spent whole 3 days during the summer in Istanbul, I was watching for details to see if it was in fact the Istanbul, the expert, hehe. Chasing scene on the bikes was pretty cool, way unrealistic, and they were out of the city (Grand Bazaar area) like in 15 seconds in some country foothills. But that is of course Hollywood, and Bond, nothing close to reality, but action packed and exciting nerveless!

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Random Wall Mural

Whenever I see some cool murals I try to take photos of them. In this case, we were walking in Istanbul and I saw this mural on one of the side streets, I thought it looked nice and nothing was obstructing the view or put any shadows on it, a few seconds later I had it on the memory card waiting for this day to be processed and presented to the world.

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