International Grand Bazaar

During our short visit to Urumqi we visited International Grand Bazaar, this where I took the photo of all those cool knifes. In the middle of this place is one of the main architectural attractions, this huge tower. I was taking photos of it with wide angle lens and had to get really down to the ground to take the whole thing into the frame. Locals were looking at me like I was crazy. Also, on a couple shots I was including my wife and daughter with the entire tower, bending down, I guess I did look a little crazy. But, hey, you do what you got to do. Otherwise we have no memories.

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Pretty Knifes to cut some Lamb

International Grand Bazaar is a must visit if you happen to be in Urumqi. A lot of cool stuff, interesting people and it just so different than anything else. Today’s photo is of knife stand. There were many of them, so if you don’t like one of these knifes you can find something different at another stand. I like the big one, top, right corner.