Ouray Colorado

Switzerland of USA. Ouray Colorado. I am planning on doing Via Ferrata tomorrow morning in that canyon. Fantastic activity. Then perhaps hit Orvis hot springs.

Before the First Snow

Earlier this week, before the first big snow in the high country. From the slopes of Mt Columbia (my 30th 14er!) to the right is Mt Yale and to the left is Mt Princeton…well it is covered by what looks like a light snow cloud.

When I got back to my car, the engine light indicated issues and it was working at reduced power. I drove back to Boulder, barely doing 40-50 mph on uphill sections and took it to the dealership, thinking that there is something wrong with the engine. After inspecting the car they discovered that electric wire to 3rd cylinder was chewed by the rodent! Adding insult to the injury, after they fixed the the wires and I got car back, I heard some fan noise in the air conditioning filter area. After looking at it, I discovered that half of the filter was chewed up and there was some rodent poop on top of it. The Fng thing somehow got into the ventilation system! I replaced it with a new filter and ran the engine for while, hoping that it is gone… the next morning more poop. So then I started spraying it with disinfecting Lysol, multiple times… it is second day now without any poop… hopefully it decided to leave the car and make Boulder its new home…

Sunset at Mt Harvard

Sunset time at one of the highest places in Colorado. Mt Harvard is the 3rd highest, barely 3 foot lower than Massive and 14 lower than Elbert.

Looking south into the Horn Fork Basin in the foreground and in the background you can see Mt Yale in the center and to the left is Mt Princeton.

The coyote pictures you saw in my previous post were taken at the level of the lake (Bear Lake) below.

Coyote Pretty

Saw this guy on my way to the Mt Harvard. Somewhere around 12500 elevation at the Horn Fork Basin. Never seen coyotes at this elevation before. Definitely one of the highlights of this ascend.

On my way down after sunset, in complete darkness, I heard a few of them talking to each other above me, when I was at around 12000… They were probably talking about my fashion style… or maybe plans to catch some dinner.

Night Sky at 12000 Elevation

Crossing Horn Fork Creek in pitch dark night on the new moon a few days ago. I went up to Mt Harvard (14,421 elevation) for sunset and then had to descent in the complete darkness for good 3.5 hours all the way down to the trailhead. As I was crossing this creek I thought that it might be a cool picture with running water and that beautiful sky. It turned out nicely, what do you think?

Btw, the mountain in the background I believe is Mt Yale.

30 seconds at ISO640 with about 1 or 2 seconds of my headlight to light up the foreground.