Harvard Square

This is where very smart people get their education, or smart people with a lot of very good connections, or maybe somewhat average on IQ scale but with lots and lots of $ and good connections, or maybe all above. I heard that about 30-50% of the current student body is related or somehow affiliated with Harvard alumni’s. 

It was interesting to see all these chairs spread around the lawn. They encourage people to sit and talk to each other. I wonder if this is normal mode of operation at Harvard Square or they only put it out during weekends or some specific occasions. We were there on a Saturday and it was packed with tourists, Chinese mostly, I must mention. As I as walking around the campus I kind of realized that it didn’t click with me, it didn’t feel cozy or impressive, or like a place where I’d want to spend four years of my life (if hypothetically my life was different and I had a chance to come and study here) – maybe it is because of all those tourists! It didn’t feel like university campus, more like some kind of tourist attraction.

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