Playa Mansita Dancing in the Dusk

This is the same beach as was shown back in this post – Endless Possibilities, only of course after sun went down. Some clouds were lurking around and provided us a nice show. Of course someone had to jump down to the water and enjoy the beach in it a full  way. We need to try and make our way back down there.

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Costa Rica Hauler Monkeys

Previous post showed a few spider monkeys. This time we have a few hauler monkeys. They probably have them all over Costa Rica, but we some them only in Guanacaste province. We stayed at nice resort in Hacienda Pinilla and these guys were living in the forest on the property. They are so loud. Bunch of them were sitting on tree right above the side road and made all kind of noise. We were trying to figure out what was going on. We had couple theories about it. There could be two families with dominating males hauling like crazy at each other. Other possibility is that it was one family with multiple females fighting for extra time with their hubby. Monkey experts would probably can confirm one of these theories or come up with another one.


Just think about the noise was coming out of that big mouse. 


He look pissed.


This one is not so pissed.


Ohh, cute little monkeys. These two are females.