Grand Teton

Grand Teton Yellow Flowers

Yet another place that I’d like to be able to visit every year and spend some time exploring it. Only if had enough time to do it, time is always a problem, isn’t it?

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Good Morning

At the end of our two week vacation we decided to spend two more days in Grand Teton National Park. On one of the days we got up super early to see if he can catch a nice sunrise and went for a little hike on the hill. As I was walking through the thick brush I noticed some fur between the sticks and at first I thought that it was a deer, getting some rest, but after a slow approach it happen to be a sleeping red fox.

He saw me but at first didn’t really care that I was there. I have never seen red fox in such close proximity and didn’t know what to expect, I thought that he would jump and run away. He didn’t. This little guy probably hang out there for at least 4-5 minutes, glancing at me ones in a while, but otherwise he just continued to get his snoozing. During that time I was able to switch lens on my camera and get super zoom and take this shot at 400mm, making it super awesome high resolution shot.

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Grand Teton

I decided to change domain name of my site to, anything that goes to the name, you all use to see, will be redirected to the new name, so all your favorites and links should continue to work (well, at least as far as wordpress assertions). I chose that name because I think travel photography is about places that unknown to the majority of the people. Yes, we all know famous landmarks and can recognize many other places, but truth is that most people will never be able to see most of the world and bringing to you famous landmarks and maybe more down the road places is what I’m trying to do. So really, it just the name change of the URL, everything else should stay the same.

Mormon Row

The night before we stayed at Jackson Hole, ate at the Snake River Brewery and drank some nice IPA. We got up early and started making our way up north to the Yellowstone National Park. But first we took Gros Ventre Rd and saw our first buffalo on the trip. It was so exciting to see the first buffalo. I was taking pictures of it from far away. After the first encounter every other buffalo was just like a normal occurrence and we actually ignored most of them unless there were a lot of them and right in front of us. Over the next two weeks it was interesting to observe other cars stopping and the first site of the buffalo, they probably saw their first as well.

From Gros Ventre road we got onto the Mormon Row. I wanted to take some photos of the old barns that I saw before. I was really surprised by how small they are in real life to what I have seen on the photos. The one below is actually not the one that most commonly photographed, but I liked it more and decided to share this one first.

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Sunset at Jenny Lake

Last week we came back from two week break during which we managed to visit a few western states. Over the next few weeks I’ll attempt to post one photo from each day we were there (maybe with exception of Fridays), maybe even in the chronological order of our travels. We put 2700 miles on our rental, thankfully it had unlimited mileage and it did not matter how much we drove, that is a lot of driving but it allowed us to see different places and kind of get an idea of what is what and where we might want to get back again.

On the first day we drove to Jackson Hole from the Salt Lake City, after 5 hours in the car I was starting to get headache and we almost immediately went for a quick hike at Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park. Great way to get rid of any type of illnesses. We hiked by the south side of the lake all the way to the waterfalls and the boat dock, we thought about going all the way around, but the sun was setting behind the mountains and we decided to return back the same way. Maybe we will complete the loop on our next visit.

While you get an idea of the beauty of the Grand Teton from the Jenny Lake, it is actually a bit too close to it and you can’t see the whole grandiose of the mountains. Like here we can’t see the Tetons in their all massive beauty, you have to step a bit back from them. Maybe next photo from this trip will have that view. 

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