Georgetown Thunder

I got soaked wet about five minutes after taking this photo, totally unexpected as I thought it will go other direction. Catching the thunder on the photo was totally unexpected too. I was taking some photos as I was walking across the Key Bridge and got it totally by chance.

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Georgetown and National Cathedral

Some ugly weather in the last couple days. A few weeks ago I thought I’ll be shooting cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin sometime this week, instead today it was snowing, then raining, then again snowing. Cold and unpleasant. No sign of cherry blossoms. They say it will be next week now, but I won’t be around here to see it this year.

This is a view of the Georgetown University from across the river in Roslyn. The National Cathedral is right behind it. I took this one last night. I’ll try to take one again when skies get clear and that smog goes away.

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Friday Mystery Photo

I was flipping through the TV channels last night and spent a few minutes watching the live broadcast of the Carnival ship arriving in Mobile Alabama, and all the talk with passengers on the ship, asking them about their feelings and how they cope with last four days of that nightmare. What was interesting are the questions they were asking: “Are you angry about what happen to you?”, yes, who in the right mind would not be angry about it? “Are you planning to start any type of legal action?”, well, they probably will, why not, not just for emotional distress, but for at least one week of lost wages for most of those folks. Why ask these questions, over and over?

Now, back to the Friday Mystery photo, another one which I think will be recognized by many of you. Where is it? As always, I’ll reveal the location sometime over weekend.

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Georgetown Fog

I talked about some fog in yesterday’s post and decided to follow up today with another photo that has some actual fog in it. Couple weeks ago it was cold and rainy in DC, with some fog clouds rolling over the Georgetown University. I happen to be across the river, watching the rain slamming into the windows and wind moving those clouds across roof tops of the city. The circles you see in the top left are actually from raindrops on the window I was standing next to, even with focusing into far away, they still make some interesting light effects.

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Georgetown Skyline

Last week my daughter went on a tour at Georgetown University. She enjoyed the tour and she said that it would be nice to go there. I think she will probably apply to it when time comes to apply to different schools. It is a good school.

It looks nice as well. I took this photo last year from the Key Bridge.